Trunk Space opening, aura photos and Euro Cup

1231 East Thomas Street

This is the last pinhole image from 1231 East Thomas Street.

This pinhole image is for The Grid II, an exhibit that I co-curating with Steven Jansen. The exhibit opened on Friday June 20th and will be up until August 11th at The Trunk Space in Phoenix. It will be up for two months and is AMAZING! All framed prints are only $25 each. Last year we documented a street in Phoenix, this year we documented a section of downtown Phoenix.

Good morning everyone! Is it really Monday, already? Gosh I say that every Monday. Three day weekends, four day work weeks… Is my voice being heard? Does anyone agree with me???

So Friday night was the opening of The Grid II! The show looks fantastic! Gary’s lucky charm treats were delicious and it was soooooooooo wonderful to see a great turnout of friends, family and supporters of local art! If you were able to make it, thank you so much! If you weren’t, that’s fine too because the show will be up until August 11th. That means you have July First Friday, July Third Friday and August First Friday to catch it! Plus, The Trunk Space is open like 6 nights a week, so you could probably pop in anytime (but check their calendar first).

On Saturday Gary and I had our monthly aura photo’s done and I was quite pleased with mine this month. It showed that my ideas were processed and in action. That is a nice tid-bit of information to have. I also learned that the horrible headaches I get are because I think too much. How crazy is that? She told me to calm my mind more often. I do meditate in the mornings and in the evening… but I guess I should be doing it more often? Or perhaps for longer periods of time. It is true, my mind is always working. Sometimes I wish I could just send my mind on a vacation once in a while.

She also said some interesting things about Gary… it was very insightful. I love learning new things about him.

I also learned that your aura is cumulative from your whole life. So my whole life is full of ideas and love. I think that is right on target!

Gary and I took photos of my sister and her family on Saturday evening. That was a lot of fun. I really like her husbands family. I helped Emily (her husbands sister) get a job where I work this past Spring, so we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other, we even carpool! She’s leaving me to go to Japan for a year in August… Emily, I’m gonna miss you… BUT am really excited that I’ll have a place to stay when we visit in the Spring! Oh Japanese Cherry Blossoms… could Spring get any better than that? I think not.

I made more postcards this weekend! 5 new designs! They will be on my etsy site by tonight. I’ll work on them during my lunch break and then finish them when I get home this evening. I am so pleased with etsy! I’ve sold 10 postcards in the last two weeks. I think that is quite impressive!

So, perhaps you have heard the sad, sad, sad news…. Italy lost the game against Spain in yesterdays Euro Cup match, and they are out. I was devastated. They lost in penalty kicks… Italy normally rocks the penalty kicks… but alas they are out. BOOOOOO SPAIN!!!!!! So the final four teams are: Germany, Turkey, Russia and Spain. I no longer care who wins. I guess I’ll go for Germany since a German win would make Gary happy and I like a happy Gary.

How was your weekend?

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