sheila bocchine, pinhole goddess blog

is up and running!

I could not be more excited to finally find a minute to post a sentence.

I will be using this blog to update everyone on exciting pinhole news, to share my favorite images and the stories behind them with you and to share fabulous artsy finds.

Hooray for pinhole!!

Love Sheila

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I'm a pinhole photographer. Who loves to write and daydream and experience everything.

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  1. Hi Cutie– I don’t have your email address in my hotmail or gmail accounts.. I wanted to talk to you about the Art Market. Lisa mentioned you like email (me too, since I sit in front of a computer all day). Would you email me when you have time so we chat about Art Market details?

    Also– we need a flier soonish so we can advertise to both vendors and people.

    xo, Lacie
    laciebug .at. gmail

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