pink flamingo pinhole postcards, prada eyewear and karaoke!

pinhole postcard and photograph - pink flamingo

pinhole postcard and photograph - pink flamingo

See how beautifully they work together? Send some love, frame some love! This is the perfect summer image, makes me want to lay in the grass and watch the clouds change shapes! You too can send this lovely pinhole image to a friend to brighten up their day!

I’m sad when I’m too busy to blog. But, being busy is good! Gary and I booked 3 weddings since Friday. I am doing a happy dance right now! One of the jobs we booked, specifically booked us because of my pinhole photography! Yay…my dance just turned into a full on Broadway production! We’re meeting with another couple on Friday morning and a couple more next week! I love my job!

Did anyone see the Euro Cup final game on Sunday? We went to Black Forest Mill German Restaurant. Their cable wasn’t working so we missed the first 35 minutes. Spain won. I wanted Germany to win since Spain ended up in the finals and not Italy. Oh well, the world cup will be upon us two years from now and Italy will win it all again! Go Italia!

First Friday is this Friday! If you’re in Phoenix and wanting to check out some art, make sure you hit The Trunk Space up to see The Grid II. Gary and I are both in it. 10 photographers each took a different section of downtown Phoenix and photographed it in their own style. All the photographs are only $25, so it’s very affordable for you to own a great photograph of your favorite city, Phoenix!

Last night I finally found a pair of glasses that I might be able to buy. I’ve been looking for about 2 years now, for a pair of glasses equally as amazing as the cat eye frames I have now. I still want to keep these frames and still use them, but I’ve been wanting something to switch them up with. Last night we went to Optica Waterfront in Scottsdale and I tried on pair after pair after pair. I found a pair of square Prada frames, black and purple, with sparkles on the sides! LOVE THEM!!! The guy told me they were almost $700. I didn’t freak out because I know I was paying for quality. BUT TODAY I found them online for $275!!!!! How totally rad is that! What do you think of them? Or should I spend some more time looking for another cat eye pair?




I leave you with these photographs Gary took last week of the brush fire in Phoenix. We drove out to 99th Ave and Baseline to check it out and walked as close as we could get. My pinholes should be back next week.

Oh, yes, one more thing. Saturday. July 5th. 7:30pm. The Grapevine. KARAOKE!!!! It shall be my very first time so please join me! I promise it will be a good time. Drinking and Singing! Be forewarned, you may want to bring ear plugs. I’ve been told I sound terrible…

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