pinhole postcards, home sick, the wasp

pinhole photograph and postcard - pride parade nyc

pinhole photograph and postcard - seagull sunburst

pinhole photograph and postcard - bunny and bird

I posted 5 new pinhole postcard designs on my etsy site yesterday. These are three of them. I have about 5 more pinholes that I want to turn into postcards as well… then I need to shoot more pinholes, because the next photos I have won’t be released until the end of summer, for they are fall photographs, halloween, thanksgiving and holiday pinholes!

Making pinhole postcards and learning about etsy is so much fun!

I stayed home sick today.I had a headache and was in a grumpy mood. I have a lot of brides to call and a few photo jobs to book dates/times for… so I’ll be busy all day.

Is anyone going to see James Ray speak tomorrow night? Gary and I are going, we went the last time he was in town too. He’s pretty amazing and so full of great energy. Last time I took a bunch of notes, this time I think I’m just going to listen and absorb.

I am sitting outside and there is a giant wasp flying around our HUGE aloe vera plant. I kinda want him to go make love to the purple flowers and leave me alone!

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