Batam Island, Indonesia

A fellow world traveler told Amanda and I we could take a ferry to Batam Island, and get a glorious full page visa in our passport. When two girls obsessed with their goal of filling up every page in their passport finds out a detail like that, well, it would be a tragedy not to act immediately!

So, after conquering Singpaore, we had one crazy day in Indonesia.

We wanted to see the Indonesian island we were on, so following our massages we started walking back to the ferry terminal. It turned into the most dangerous walk of our lives!! 3 hours of walking into traffic, few sidewalks, and the midday sun beating down on us. We came across only a handful of walkers, but 100’s of friendly faces in cars and on motorcycles waving, saying hello how are you, and do you need a taxi. Delirious from our power walk, possibly dehydrated, and slightly lost with 20 minutes to spare before the ferry was to take off back to Singapore, we haggled with a guy in an alley, next to a run down taxi to rush us back to the ferry terminal! We made it!!

Some photos from our walk:








Singapore kitchens

There’s something about people working that draws me to their space like a magnet. My camera and I have peeked into many a scene in which we drew questionable faces, like most of these kitchens, but I can’t help it! I startled quite a few chefs, but have found if you say hello with a curious smile and friendly wave, that they smile back, or at least don’t call the cops!

Quick movements, harsh lighting, sizzle of a hot pan, chaos. More please!


East Coast Lagoon Food Village – most of these were taken from the alley behind the kitchen.









Durian – You always know when you’re near a durian fruit market, for the pungent smell hits you, even before you see it.




Dinner in the red light district.





Introducing our naan maker in Little India.



I started off my winter holiday in Singapore. What an absolutely gorgeous and posh city! The eclectic architecture and hidden streets of colorful 2 story buildings was wonderful. My friend Amanda and I walked the entire city in 2 days. It was so easy to navigate and the metro system was one of the best I’ve even seen.

I particularly loved Little India, Arab Street and the food hawker stands. The ArtScience Museum was really incredible as was the LEGO exhibit by Nathan Sawaya. We went to eat dinner in the Red Light District and found a taxi driver who gave us a tour of the neighborhood. He sure knew a lot about that business!


An intriguing red door in Little India.


My love of all things Bollywood was fed extensively in Little India! One day, oh one day, I’ll be in a Bollywood movie!


The lobster shells looked like touchable, red textured wall paper. Aren’t they stunning!


We were drawn to the over-sized bird cages we saw from the street, but I fell love with the view from the infinity pool.


Chinatown. Happy year of the snake!



Sri Mariamman Temple in Chinatown.



Red Melon seeds in Chinatown.


We stumbled upon a festival in Little India called Thaipusam.  There was a never ending parade of people with hooks, cages, and large needles inserted in their body. It was surreal, I had never seen anything like it before.








Amanda and I met Maggie and her friends and they took us out for a delicious Singapore dinner at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village.  We tried Stingray, Chili Crab and Cereal Prawns.


ArtScience Museum.  As amazing inside as out.


I was loving these 2 story buildings.  The second floor windows were so colorful and interesting.



Seen from the ferry ride to Indonesia. This city was full of truly gorgeous buildings.

Kiki’s wedding

My darling friend Kiki, a teacher at my kindergarten, asked me to be in her beach wedding! I was so excited to participate in a Chinese wedding.  Although it had many western influences, the bridesmaids wore pink qipao’s! You know those gorgeous floral dresses that China dolls wear?  That’s a Qipao, a traditional Chinese dress, AND I got to wear one!  I was pretty excited (as if you couldn’t tell)!

Kiki looked absolutely gorgeous! I took some pinhole photographs of her wedding at Xi Chong Beach in Shenzhen, China.   Enjoy!

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