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Wow! I’m moving up in the world. I’m writing this blog from my iPhone. Technology is crazy wonderful.

I haven’t been blogging, but life has definitely moving at lightening speeds.

I had a goal of scoring more than 550 in WWF. Can you believe it!!! I did it!!! Now I have to get over 600 points. Also at this very moment, I have won the last 10 out of 10 games. If you want to play with me, I’m daisyjellybean.




Julie Chiu – maternity pinhole portraits

I spent a lovely afternoon in Hong Kong Park with Julie Chiu, author of Mindful Eating Adventure Time, a week before her due date. Radiant with baby glow we meandered through the park, a conservatory, a bird park, and had afternoon dim sum at a quaint tea museum.

Julie is also into LOA (laws of attraction) and can help you manifest to your hearts content.

Here are my favorite pinhole portraits from our shoot. Interested in a pinhole portrait?

Isn’t she the cutest!






Where’s the most unusual place you’ve slept?

My grandmother's house. Concordia, Missouri. July 2012

My grandmother’s house. Concordia, Missouri. July 2012.


I am always so grateful when my pinhole photographs are published, and this time by one of my favorite websites, Visual News. A blog with multiple uploads (daily!), oozing with creativity. It’s one of my go-to websites for inspiration, and to be featured on it, well, it’s a pretty good feeling!!  They featured ‘Sleeping. Dreaming’, an ongoing 10 year project, pinholing all the different places I find myself sleeping.

Please enjoy this article on Visual News!

Visual News

I think the most unusual place I’ve slept is Kowloon Park, a bird sanctuary in Hong Kong. It was New Year’s Eve and my friends and I didn’t secure a hotel. We were unsteadily stumbling around the city trying to find a corner to rest and we asked a jogging pilot if this tunnel would take us to the waterfront.  He said yes, but was curious as to why we wanted to go there at this hour.  We told him, and he lead us to this park, a much safer location.  We cautiously looking both ways before we tucked ourselves in behind some trees. Two hours later a park attendant poked me, waving her hands around, and speaking Chinese.  Even if I didn’t understand her words, I’ve gotten pretty good at charades to know it was time to go. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I listened to a concert announcing the first sunrise of the year and realized I was surrounded by birds! So Magical!

Where is the most interesting/unusual place you’ve slept? 

Kowloon Park (bird sanctuary). Hong Kong

Kowloon Park (bird sanctuary). Hong Kong. January 2012.

Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

On Saturday I spent the afternoon at the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair, researching and looking for inspiration. I definitely found some pieces I want in my collection. The best part of the art fair was finding new galleries in Hong Kong I didn’t know existed and talking with some of the curators. I love a good conversation about art!

Below are my favorite pieces from the show:


 Untitled, Ayako Rokkaku.  In my head I like to think my doodles look like this!



 Beach scene II, Igal Pardo. I could really get lost in these beautiful pieces.






 Laura Jordan – These city portraits were positively amazing. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted.  Pictured above: Hong Kong, NYC, NYC detail, Hong Kong detail.  Laura Jordan Flickr.



 Jasper Knight . That yellow is to die for!



 Palani Mohan.  Every piece in the story ‘A Rush of Colour‘ is bursting with gorgeous colors.