one way ticket daydreams

beach small

The beach in San Diego. How I long to spend all my days watching the waves crash along the shore. I believe this must of been in August of 2005. My sister married her husband on a yacht on a sunny afternoon in San Diego, so I spent some time going back and forth with her before and after the wedding.

My drive to work this morning was full of sights not often seen in the dessert. It was wonderful. Fog looming over treetops with cacti in the foreground… lush green golf courses with rolling soft hills covered in frost… patches of warm sunlight peeking through the clouds, bouncing off the sand colored mansions built into the mountainside….I felt like I was dreaming, like I never woke up and was still sound asleep.

I have a bit of a cold this week and took some sleeping pills and went to bed super early last night. I thought if I had a peaceful, restful sleep, I would awake fresh and well… perhaps I feel better, it’s still too early to tell.

I had another wild dream last night. I tried out for a basketball team and made it. Now you know it’s a dream, for I am not the most athletic pinhole photographer. I knew in my dream I was shocked and I felt like I needed to practice. I ended up at this guys house. He also made the team, he lived with his parents. We were eating sandwiches and drinking bottled soda. I shook my soda, put my finger over the top, but could not stop the streaming sweet liquid from spraying over the wall and his mother’s photographs. His friend went to grab a wash cloth and said, what can I mix with water to clean this mess up. Someone said powdered clorox. Some powder fell on the table, but perhaps it was sugar because I dropped something into the powder fished it out and swallowed it, and it was sweet tasting.

The game that we were picked to play in, was in Italy. We had to buy tickets, leave tomorrow and play the game at 1pm on Friday. I got confused when I bought my ticket and instead bought a one way ticket to Italy for $1400 to the wrong city. My ticket came to me in a pouch filled with delicious olive oil. Mind you, as soon as I purchased the ticket online, the pouch was in my hand. If I did not open the pouch/ticket I could have returned it, but I opened it and was stuck with a one way ticket to Italy. At first I thought, I will just drive to my destination, but found out the city I was flying into, was on the opposite end of the country and I would never have made it. I started to panic, but went to the airport anyway. My teammates boarded their planes, they bought tickets to the right city and round trip for $400.

I landed in Italy, made friends with an Italian man who helped me find the city I was looking for. By the time I got there, the game was over… ONLY the game was no longer a basketball game, it was a play. We found a tabloid style magazine and with plus size super model Emme on the cover. Inside the magazine on every single page was gossip and evil bashing about me. Apparently my roll in the play was to hold the basket of carrots and although I only had one line, I had the most important part in the play. I knew my only hope was to find Emme and get back home. We searched everywhere for her. We even ended up in a strange movie-house, not a theater, but a room painted in browns and greens with folding chairs and a movie screen. The room was jam packed with people, but there was Emme. We walked towards her and, then I woke up….

I have no idea if I made it back home or not… BUT really, I have this reoccurring daydream that I buy a one way ticket to Italy and move there. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO LIVE IN ITALY!!!! Sometimes I stare at my computer screen at work and daydream of moving somewhere more exciting… and Italy is definitely in my top 5 places of ‘one way ticket daydreams’.

The panda rapist tried to get my in dreams last night

san carlos hotel, phoenix, arizona

This image is part of my sleeping series. Gary and I stayed in the San Carlos Hotel in downtown Phoenix for a few nights in summer of 2005. It’s rumored to be haunted but we didn’t see any ghosts. Marilyn Monroe also stayed there when it was a glamorous hip hotel back in the day. There is a Marilyn room, but it was booked. I document my globe-trotting adventures with pinholes of myself (and gary) sleeping in hotel rooms, friends living rooms, parents couches….
It’s an ongoing series, I never feel ready to show the whole series, but when I do, it will be beautiful.

Last night I went to bed early, like 8:30pm early. My brain is working too hard lately. I’m full of thoughts and ideas and I’m exhausting myself. If I could get a hold of my brother to see how my website is progressing, I think that would help. I feel like all these incredible things are about to happen, it will be like the fireworks grand finale every single day, once a few things are taken care of. All of these thoughts must be why I had such bizarre dreams last night.

All I have to say is, don’t mess with my car or you will be sorry.

I made Gary walk to my car with me this morning because I was weary of the ‘panda rapist’. What? Don’t you know who that is? Quite honestly, I don’t either. I had a bizarre dream last night. I walked to my car and there was a CD on my windshield. It was titled ‘panda rapist will kill you’. I played the CD and it was people screaming and obviously it was a recording of people being killed. The rest of my dream was like a movie, a partially black and white, partially color film with wild 60’s style music. I was being chased and all the signs were there, dark parking lots, a blanket in my back seat hiding the panda rapist, cautious peeking around corners…. it was crazy… he never did get me, but I’m positive that is only because I awoke.

I had another dream. I was living in a beautiful large house. My mom was there and so was Gary. It was 2am in the morning and I needed to run an errand. I walked outside, and noticed my car was gone. At first I didn’t suspect that I had a stolen vehicle case on my hands, I thought I forgot where I parked. After walking up and down the street, I realized that it had indeed been stolen. The house next door to us was dirty and ghetto and loud noises were coming from the back yard. I peeked in a crack and saw the tires and VW emblem of my car. I realized they had stolen my car and took it apart. The tires were standing upright, like they would on a car, except there was no car there. Just magical standing upright tires with the rims still intact.
I went back to my place told my mom and gary what happened. Then the next scene is a blur, but somehow the old lady that lived next door came over and I jumped her. I was beating her to a bloody pulp, except there was no blood… I was dragging her around the living room floor. I was throwing her against walls, I was jumping on her, I was trying her arms in knots. THE WHOLE TIME I was doing this, I was on the phone with the cops, telling them about my car and what happened. They wanted me to stay on the line until backup arrived. Every time I thought they had hung up on me I would say ‘hello’ and they would respond. The last time I said ‘hello’ I was having a hard time keeping the old lady down, and the cop said, they are right outside your door… and then BAM! Cops busted into my apartment and saved me! and I got my car back….

Yes, those were my dreams last night… welcome to my world.

super sunday

crackerjacks, popcorn, corn dogs and pretzles...

In the spirit of what Gary calls a ‘national holiday’, I thought I would post this delicious photo from Will and Vaiden Kirchheimer circus/carnival wedding.  All the food was vegetarian… crackerjacks, popcorn, corn dogs, pretzels etc.

So the Superbowl is in town and the FBR Open as well. Traffic has been surreal. I work in North Scottsdale and the number of SUV’s and Cadillacs have doubled. Tourists are everywhere. It actually feels like a city. I like that.

On Saturday night Gary and I went to Scottsdale to see ESPN’s post and to play ‘spot the celebrity’. We walked everywhere; I was amazed to see block parties with every turn, red carpets lined with photographers, bicycle taxi’s and the wonderful sound of horns honking!

We hung out by the red carpet for a while and photographed some bike racer and M.C. HAMMER!!! That was pretty rad! I’ll share a little tmi right now… I still have an M.C. Hammer doll. I got that doll when I was in 6th or 7th grade and was obsessed with him. I remember washing dishes after dinner and singing to my M.C.Hammer tape! He was on tour and it was the first time I remember wanting to go to a concert. Unfortunately it would be 5 or 6 more years before I experienced my first live concert.

We also stopped for a slice at Joe’s. Pizza never tasted so good. It’s been ages since I’ve eaten pizza and although it’s technically forbidden due to my wheat/gluten allergy, I ate it anyway and my taste buds ooh’d and aah’d with every cheesy bite.

I mailed my photographs for the exhibition in France. My first quote from UPS was $440 dollars! I KNOW!!! How insane is that! I went to the post office and mailed my package for $75. I don’t know what I would have done if $440 was my final quote. I could have bought a plane ticket, delivered my pieces, taken a whirl wind tour of Paris and be working again in 3 days. And the delivery date would have been the same… by February 11th.

We attempted to go to Glendale today to partake in the madness that is Superbowl 2008. The stadium looks incredibly large as you’re driving up to it. Finding parking was a task impossible to overcome. We definitely tried. Unless you had a ticket you couldn’t park within 2 miles of the stadium. We drove out further and those parking lots at about 3-4 miles out were barricaded off and cops weren’t letting anyone but users of those parking lots park. Every side road, barricaded. Every alley, barricaded. Every park -n- ride, barricaded. After trying every possible solution, we headed back home and joined the party that was happenin’ in our clubhouse. We live at Papago Trillium in Phoenix and we do a lot of hanging out and working in the clubhouse. We even have a rent-able office that we use with our clients.

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the design for my new website. My brother is designing it for me. I faxed the drawings (since I don’t know html), to the strip club he works in.

The hoopla is over tomorrow and it’s back to normal traffic and casual city living.   And I must say,  a sunday with excellent commericals, is a super sunday indeed!

Broken laptop and coconut truffles

too cute feet

Wanting to keep with the black and white theme from yesterday, this is another image from the photo shoot I did of Babs and Kiera in their Marie Antoinette Costumes, in November in a park in downtown Phoenix. I was quite pleased when this turned out exactly how I imagined it. I love Kiera’s cute little feet in the foreground, how the butterflies look like they are circling Bab’s fabulous wig looking for a sweet place to land and how both of their faces look divine! This photograph is one of the reasons I love pinhole photography.

So after a dramatic day at work yesterday. I went home, grabbed my dog and went to the clubhouse. Shadow, our black lab, LOVES going to the clubhouse, she’s very social and sits next to me while I work on my laptop and everyone pets her. She knows when I grab my laptop bag that I’m going the clubhouse and basically won’t let me leave the apartment unless I take her with me. So, she wins and I take her. I turn on my computer and nothing… it just won’t work (insert tears here)… lovely Jared goes to his apartment and returns with a bottle of white wine and two glasses… so while I sit and stare at my computer that just won’t work, I am able to enjoy a lovely glass of white wine.

So my computer decided to go kaput on me last night. My first reaction was to head to the apple store at the Biltmore and buy a new laptop. I seriously cannot live without a computer. I work all day at work and then I go home and work for a few more hours on personal things. I was devastated because I did not finish putting my photographs in my FTP and I didn’t finish burning everything that needed to be backed up… and I had files that needed to be emailed to myself. I’ve lost things before with electronic devices so I try to make a conscious effort to be on top of things, but I got behind.

Lucky for me I have a friend who can fix any computer! Also, he has a great blog and is a pinhole photographer! He lent his expertise last night and jotted a few notes and will come back on Monday to bring my laptop back to life. Gary and I did go to the Apple store last night and I did pick out the laptop that I wanted, but alas, did not make the purchase. I just couldn’t justify it yet. I need to book a few more job or sell a few more pinhole photographs before I spend 3K on a laptop.

After dreaming and touching and playing with apple laptops we made a quick stop into Godiva…. mmmmmm….. coconut truffles and champagne truffles!!! we also picked up a piece of dark chocolate covered marzipan and a creme brule chocolate… and then after we had sushi at Zen 32 we split each chocolate, savored them and ranked them… we rank them completely opposite, it’s so funny! I say: coconut, champagne, marzipan and creme brule…. flop that around, and that’s how he would rank them….

I also must note that having sushi with Gary is a wonderful and new experience for us. We’ve been together for over 6 years. I LOVE SUSHI, love it so much I could probably eat it every day. He would never go get sushi with me, then in December his whole family, us included went to a sushi restaurant and now he likes it… whatever. I’m just so grateful that we can now eat sushi together. I feasted on Octopus Salad and with a little coaxing and a promise (not fit for my blog, because my mom might read this one day), I got him to eat Octopus. He made the most wicked faces. I’m still not sure he actually chewed it and really tasted it, but he did try it. And I was there to witness it!

So yesterday was full of surprises and ended with super yummy dinner and dessert, so all in all, I would say that it was a wonderful day indeed.

Concordia, Missouri. Beer Gardens.

Beer Gardens, Concordia Missouri

Concordia, Missouri. The town I went to high school in. The town my parents, nana and brother still live in. The town I couldn’t wait to leave. The town I enjoy going to visit now that I’m older. Every fall, Concordia blocks off Main Street, puts up a carnival and beer garden, invites bands to show off their marching skills and is host to the funniest parade I’ve ever been too.

This was taken on Saturday evening the weekend of my 5 year high school reunion, in the Concordia Beer Garden. The spinning goodness in the background are the carnival rides. Wow, now that I think about it, this fall would be my 10 year high school reunion. That is crazy! I wonder if I’ll make it back home for that. I’ll certainly try.

Gary and I booked another wedding last night. In case you didn’t know, we are Phoenix Wedding Photographers. It’s something we both absolutely enjoy doing. What could be more fun than photographing the happiest day in someone’s life? It’s a big party and everyone is smiling and having a wonderful time! Fortunately we haven’t met an unhappy couple yet or any bride-zilla’s! I’m starting to think bride-zilla’s don’t exist!