New Mosque pigeons during snowstorm

One super cold and snowy day in February I went on a 4 hour walk with my pinhole camera. I found myself in front of the New Mosque, mesmerized by the pigeons. The only people in the square was the man throwing buckets of pigeon food on top of the pigeons, a random man working at the mosque, and myself.

The icy wind bit at my face and my fingers, and I slipped in a mixture of pigeon poo and snow (so gross), but I left with these lovely pinhole photos!

New Mosque Pinhole aimg0009 aimg0002


The New Mosque (Yeni Cami), is located at the end of the Galata Bridge in EminönĂ¼. It might be called the New Mosque, but the don’t the name fool you, construction was completed in 1665. After you feed the pigeons outside, do cover your head with a scarf and go inside. It’s super gorgeous!

simg0007 img0003 img0002

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