I joined Instagram in August (Follow me) and quickly became obsessed.  I resisted for ages knowing it would consume all my free time and take over my life (like Words with Friends did for 4 years).

Sneak peaks turn into hours of browsing.

Of course I tell myself it’s great for inspiration. Great for keeping up with friends. Great for staying hip to the art trends. But in reality, I don’t want to fall asleep until I’ve had one more like.  Just. One. More. Like.

Saturday, March 21 was Worldwide Instagram Day (#wwim11) and I went to the meetup in Caddebostan in Istanbul, Turkey (#igersistanbul, #meetcaddesbostan).

It was super wonderful to meet Instagrammers from Istanbul. Here are two photos from the rainy day (pinhole photos coming soon)!

Published by Sheila Bocchine

Sheila Bocchine is an internationally recognized pinhole photographer who creates daydream like images. She travels around the world, documenting cultures, inspiration, love and life's quirks.

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