Google, please alert me! Thank You!

red berries

Gary Millard and I road tripped to Boyce Thompson Arboretum in November 2007 to photograph their fall festival. I was hoping for more leaves turning a gorgeous autumn color, but alas, there was only one tree with golden leaves. I still had a wonderful time and am looking forward to the spring when the butterflies are dancing among the blooming flowers. This photo was my favorite from the trip and when I find a few extra minutes this week I will make them into my holiday thank you cards.

I learned about Google Alerts last week and have signed up! It’s very exciting to get alerts once a day with my choice of words, hence using Gary’s full name. He signed up too and is alerted when his name is typed anywhere on the internet. Won’t he be surprised this evening when he gets his alerts for the day!

I went to Third Friday Art Walk in downtown Phoenix on Friday night and had a wonderful time. I think I’ve finally decided that I don’t like First Friday. I’m uninterested in the crowd that attends the walk. I jive better with the Third Friday crowd. I had a couple of interesting experiences occur at this month’s event, I’d like to share:
*In Bunky Boutique I was searching for a pair of earrings that caught my eye in November and this guy asked if I was on flickr! Which of course I am! He recognized me from my self portrait! How rad is that! I’m a flickr celebrity! It was totally random and just made my night!
*In a new space on Roosevelt that I had never been in, this woman, I forget her name but I did grab her business card opened up her studio to sell her personal items. It’s an interactive art installation. She interacts with her viewers, makes transactions, etc. I thought it was a brilliant installation idea! Functional and different. She recognized me from Tuesday’s opening at the Shemer Art Center and Museum (where my photographs are on display this month). Then as soon as she said that, the other man, I believe his name is Jerry asked if I knew Marilyn Szabo, which of course I do. Based on that woman’s comment on the Shemer, he knew who I was! How amazing is that!
*My first gallery on Grand, four white walls, has changed to be many things since we left the space (a hair salon, a raw food manufacturing company…) but now some local painters occupy the space. I’ll be doing a scrabble game with them in February and they’ve also asked me to exhibit. They were so excited to meet a Grand Avenue Legend. I liked the way that sounded and was thrilled that they asked me to exhibit work in the place that started my Phoenix art career!

I spent the rest of my weekend working. I designed two ads for Arizona Wedding Magazine and 7 postcards for our photography business and researched pet photography and tons of other things. I wish there was more time on the weekends. I had so much more to do. I will be spending my lunch hour today, preparing another To-do List. I’m obsessed with lists. I love making them and then scratching the items off when I’ve completed the task. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I’m also going to build a time line for my list because it won’t all get done in a few days.

Where ‘o where does the time go!

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