Free Utilities at 1231 East Thomas Street

1231 East Thomas Street

The day we’ve all been waiting for! The opening of The Grid. I have another image from here that I shot 3 weeks earlier and happened to be driving by one day with my pinhole camera, (of course), and saw that the balloons were fresh and colorful! So glad I did! This is a much better version then the sad droopy balloons they had earlier.

This pinhole image is for The Grid II, an exhibit that I’m co-curating with Steven Jansen. It opens on Friday June 20th (TONIGHT 7-9pm) at The Trunk Space in Phoenix. It will be up for two months and will be AMAZING! Please come! Last year we documented a street in Phoenix, this year we are documenting a section of downtown Phoenix.

We hung the show on Wednesday night and it looks fantastic! I cannot wait for tonight! Openings are alway my favorite night of the month!

So wanna hear my funny story from yesterday? In the morning I work up and got a text from Emily (my carpool/co-worker) and it said she needed to drive separately because she had to leave early. So I texted her back and said okay. Well, Gary was walking Shadow at the moment, so I preceded to get ready for work. Hopped in the shower and when I got out, didn’t see Gary. So I figured he must be in the gym… and wasn’t going to make me breakfast. So I got ready and he still wasn’t there. I was looking for my keys, couldn’t find them anywhere. 20 minutes later, I realized that his wallet and work stuff was gone. I ran outside and the car was gone too. Later I find out he had to work early and was running late and just left without saying goodbye. ha! So I was home all day yesterday!

It was the greatest day off ever. Not sick. Not planned. I went back to bed, got up around 9:30am, did some things I had to online, twittered, flickr’d, myspaced… you know, the usual. Found out I had sold FOUR more pinhole postcards! yay! Got those in the mail. Picked out my 16 pinhole photos for the show in LONDON!!!! Yes, I’m showing in London next month! (Thank you Nicky Peacock). THEN to make my morning even better I found out that I am going to be featured in Without Lenses, a quarterly photography journal, about lens-less photography.

Went swimming with Gary in the afternoon… did some *other* fun stuff!! Then we went to the Mall, ate dinner, bought new make-up, and bought Gary a bunch of new clothes (yay, I love picking out clothes for him). Wait until you see his outfit tonight! He’s gonna look adorable! Maybe not adorable… Whatever. He looks good.

Then we went to SMOCA nights fashion show. Rocked out to Peachcake and ooo’d and ahh’d at Jes’s clothes, had a few drinks, danced a lot and got home at midnight. Photos of the show are here! Seriously, best day ever!

Every day will be so grand!

See you tonight!

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Sheila Bocchine is an internationally recognized pinhole photographer who creates daydream like images. She travels around the world, documenting cultures, inspiration, love and life's quirks.

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