Broken laptop and coconut truffles

too cute feet

Wanting to keep with the black and white theme from yesterday, this is another image from the photo shoot I did of Babs and Kiera in their Marie Antoinette Costumes, in November in a park in downtown Phoenix. I was quite pleased when this turned out exactly how I imagined it. I love Kiera’s cute little feet in the foreground, how the butterflies look like they are circling Bab’s fabulous wig looking for a sweet place to land and how both of their faces look divine! This photograph is one of the reasons I love pinhole photography.

So after a dramatic day at work yesterday. I went home, grabbed my dog and went to the clubhouse. Shadow, our black lab, LOVES going to the clubhouse, she’s very social and sits next to me while I work on my laptop and everyone pets her. She knows when I grab my laptop bag that I’m going the clubhouse and basically won’t let me leave the apartment unless I take her with me. So, she wins and I take her. I turn on my computer and nothing… it just won’t work (insert tears here)… lovely Jared goes to his apartment and returns with a bottle of white wine and two glasses… so while I sit and stare at my computer that just won’t work, I am able to enjoy a lovely glass of white wine.

So my computer decided to go kaput on me last night. My first reaction was to head to the apple store at the Biltmore and buy a new laptop. I seriously cannot live without a computer. I work all day at work and then I go home and work for a few more hours on personal things. I was devastated because I did not finish putting my photographs in my FTP and I didn’t finish burning everything that needed to be backed up… and I had files that needed to be emailed to myself. I’ve lost things before with electronic devices so I try to make a conscious effort to be on top of things, but I got behind.

Lucky for me I have a friend who can fix any computer! Also, he has a great blog and is a pinhole photographer! He lent his expertise last night and jotted a few notes and will come back on Monday to bring my laptop back to life. Gary and I did go to the Apple store last night and I did pick out the laptop that I wanted, but alas, did not make the purchase. I just couldn’t justify it yet. I need to book a few more job or sell a few more pinhole photographs before I spend 3K on a laptop.

After dreaming and touching and playing with apple laptops we made a quick stop into Godiva…. mmmmmm….. coconut truffles and champagne truffles!!! we also picked up a piece of dark chocolate covered marzipan and a creme brule chocolate… and then after we had sushi at Zen 32 we split each chocolate, savored them and ranked them… we rank them completely opposite, it’s so funny! I say: coconut, champagne, marzipan and creme brule…. flop that around, and that’s how he would rank them….

I also must note that having sushi with Gary is a wonderful and new experience for us. We’ve been together for over 6 years. I LOVE SUSHI, love it so much I could probably eat it every day. He would never go get sushi with me, then in December his whole family, us included went to a sushi restaurant and now he likes it… whatever. I’m just so grateful that we can now eat sushi together. I feasted on Octopus Salad and with a little coaxing and a promise (not fit for my blog, because my mom might read this one day), I got him to eat Octopus. He made the most wicked faces. I’m still not sure he actually chewed it and really tasted it, but he did try it. And I was there to witness it!

So yesterday was full of surprises and ended with super yummy dinner and dessert, so all in all, I would say that it was a wonderful day indeed.

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  2. Hi Sheila,

    I’m enjoying your blog – just found it a couple of days ago. I’ve added your news feed to the Pinhole Visions website to help others find your site also. Best wishes!

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