Art Party!

My friend Jazmine and I started a group on called Istanbul Art Parties. We just threw our first party. In my apartment I exhibited my pinhole photos from China (my first exhibit in Istanbul), and Dilara exhibited a few paintings. Next door in Jazmine’s apartment you could grab a canvas or piece of paper and create your own masterpiece. We had paint, pastels, and chalk.

So many interesting artists, art lovers, musicians, writers, radicals, and philosophers showed up.

The party was wildly successful, but unfortunately I only took a few photos… I promise to take more next time. If you’re in Istanbul, sign up for our group, we have some exciting parties lined up!




Published by Sheila Bocchine

Sheila Bocchine is an internationally recognized pinhole photographer who creates daydream like images. She travels around the world, documenting cultures, inspiration, love and life's quirks.

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