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Tulips from Emirgan Park, Istanbul

Did you know that Tulips are from Turkey (Ottoman Empire), and not from Holland?  I had no idea!

They were wild flowers until the Turks started cultivating them in 1000AD. They were introduced to Europe in the 1500’s and well, you know the rest!

In April, Istanbul is totally covered with Tulips and the parks hold colorful tulip festivals. I recommend going super early, the bus loads of people start filling up the park around 9:30am. So if you want to take photos or just meditate with the tulips, I suggest getting there around 8am!

These pinhole photos are from Emirgan Park, a little north of the second bridge.

cimg0011 cimg0008 aimg0011 img0008 img0000

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Art Party!

My friend Jazmine and I started a group on called Istanbul Art Parties. We just threw our first party. In my apartment I exhibited my pinhole photos from China (my first exhibit in Istanbul), and Dilara exhibited a few paintings. Next door in Jazmine’s apartment you could grab a canvas or piece of paper and create your own masterpiece. We had paint, pastels, and chalk.

So many interesting artists, art lovers, musicians, writers, radicals, and philosophers showed up.

The party was wildly successful, but unfortunately I only took a few photos… I promise to take more next time. If you’re in Istanbul, sign up for our group, we have some exciting parties lined up!




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New Mosque pigeons during snowstorm

One super cold and snowy day in February I went on a 4 hour walk with my pinhole camera. I found myself in front of the New Mosque, mesmerized by the pigeons. The only people in the square was the man throwing buckets of pigeon food on top of the pigeons, a random man working at the mosque, and myself.

The icy wind bit at my face and my fingers, and I slipped in a mixture of pigeon poo and snow (so gross), but I left with these lovely pinhole photos!

New Mosque Pinhole aimg0009 aimg0002


The New Mosque (Yeni Cami), is located at the end of the Galata Bridge in Eminönü. It might be called the New Mosque, but the don’t the name fool you, construction was completed in 1665. After you feed the pigeons outside, do cover your head with a scarf and go inside. It’s super gorgeous!

simg0007 img0003 img0002

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I joined Instagram in August (Follow me) and quickly became obsessed.  I resisted for ages knowing it would consume all my free time and take over my life (like Words with Friends did for 4 years).

Sneak peaks turn into hours of browsing.

Of course I tell myself it's great for inspiration. Perfect for keeping up with friends. Needed for staying hip to the art trends. But in reality, I don't want to fall asleep until I've had one more like.  Just. One. More. Like.

Saturday, March 21 was Worldwide Instagram Day (#wwim11) and I went to the meetup in Caddebostan in Istanbul, Turkey (#igersistanbul, #meetcaddesbostan).

It was super wonderful to meet Instagrammers from Istanbul. Here are two photos from the rainy day (pinhole photos coming soon). Umbrellas and silver balloons can make even the coldest and dreariest of days brighter!

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Next Best Thing Pinhole Project: Quarter 2

The Next Best Thing Pinhole Project is a year long project with dedicated pinhole photographers from all around the world. Each photographer is submitting 2 images per quarter (per season).

Yours truly is representing Turkey.

These are my quarter 2 images.

Istanbul Marathon

Istanbul Marathon: the only day of the year you can walk across the Bosphorus Bridge. It’s also the only marathon that takes place on two continents, it starts on the Asian side and finishes on the European side. I wanted to pinhole the runners coming towards me, so I figured out how to walk to the bridge and waited for the race to start. It was surreal to stand in the middle of the road with runners on both sides, and even more fantastic to walk across the bridge!

Autumn Tree

I got up early hoping to find a foggy seaside, but instead watched the sunrise through the leaves of a tree so golden it’s the definition of autumn.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this. Check out the website or like the project on facebook so you never miss an image!