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Let’s Help Syrian Refugees!

**Please read and share. If you can help message me at Thank you!!!**

Today friends and I made 120 lunches and care packages for Syrian refugees who are stuck at the bus station (Esenler Otogar, Bayrampaşa) in Istanbul. We didn’t have nearly enough, as there are 2000 people there after 5 days, and growing.

A small group of us made 40 lunches and 12 care packages.

DSCF6594 DSCF6622

They are living and sleeping on the street at a mosque behind the bus terminal. Police barricaded people inside the mosque, saying if they leave they cannot re-enter. Most of the people are inside the mosque but police would not grant us permission to enter.

DSCF6645 - Version 2

As we handed out sandwiches, fruit, chocolates, and care packages, curious and friendly people approached us, talked to us, told us stories of how they arrived, why they need to leave, and asked us to take photos to show the world. They said PLEASE ASK THE WORLD TO HELP US, please ask Turkey to open the border into Bulgaria.

Turkey closed the border to Bulgaria, and Syrians are forbidden to take buses, taxis, private cars, bicycles, or even walk. They risk being turned away and even sent back to refugee camps in Eastern Turkey. The media shows us how dangerous it is traveling to Greece by boat, and with the closed border they have few options.

DSCF6656 DSCF6701 DSCF6685 DSCF6634

A Turkish government official spoke with us, saying the border is closed because they are saving the Syrians from getting robbed and attacked in neighboring countries. They say it’s too dangerous to cross the border.

But. Shouldn’t that choice be up to the individual? Shouldn’t they have the option to take that risk?

My friends and I will go back again this week and next week to bring things to them. If you live in Istanbul and would like to donate supplies, please contact me. If you live abroad and would like to send a donation so we can buy supplies, please contact me.

They need food, water, blankets, diapers, baby food, medicine.

If anyone knows a doctor in Istanbul that would kindly check up on them, please contact me. We heard over and over that medicine for babies and children is needed.

One lady told us she only has one kidney and really needs a blanket.

The situation is heart breaking and will continue to worsen over the next few days/weeks/months if the border doesn’t open up.

#crossingnomore #esenleresesver #edirneyesesver
Please spread these photos and if you can help, message at

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Walter’s Coffee Roastery

When my friend posted an article on my facebook page informing of a Breaking Bad themed cafe in Istanbul, I couldn’t wait to go! That show had me hooked from the first episode to the last.


It took 90 minutes to get there (Etiler to Moda), over 2 hours to get home, and unfortunately wasn’t that great. Cue sad face.

The internet showed photos of men in yellow coveralls wearing gas masks while roasting coffee beans, talked about blue meth candy, and even mentioned cupcakes with blue meth sprinkles. There was none of that when we went.

The meth lab inspired details were super rad. You definitely felt like you were in a chemistry lab.

DSCF6549 DSCF6508 DSCF6488 DSCF6481

If you go in the morning you only have three options, Walter’s Breakfast, Pancake Breakfast, and dessert. Three friends ordered Walter’s Breakfast, two of us ordered the Pancake Breakfast, and one friend ordered banana pudding. Bagels are available in the afternoon.



The pancakes had Heisenberg’s face dusted in powdered sugared on top. Nice touch! But they were dry. Some good old fashioned butter and syrup would have made them a thousand times better. Everyone knows maple syrup can save even the driest pancakes. (Note, normally comes with one Nutella and one cream cheese, but I don’t like cream cheese.)


Walter’s Breakfast got low low low reviews. My friends said their food was super cold, like had been sitting out for an hour cold. One plate didn’t even have toasted bread.


I also loved seeing Pinkman’s famous quote live on, and that he was wifi password! Even the note in the bathroom asking you not to flush the paper, used the word  Yo.



It’s way too far from my apartment to go back again, but if you’re on the Asian side, go check it out. Maybe you’ll get lucky enough to see someone in yellow coveralls and get blue meth candy!

Walter’s Coffee Roastery
Address: Caferaga Mah Badem No:21, Park Altı Sk, 34710
Phone:0532 200 9892
Hours: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

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Tulips from Emirgan Park, Istanbul

Did you know that Tulips are from Turkey (Ottoman Empire), and not from Holland?  I had no idea!

They were wild flowers until the Turks started cultivating them in 1000AD. They were introduced to Europe in the 1500’s and well, you know the rest!

In April, Istanbul is totally covered with Tulips and the parks hold colorful tulip festivals. I recommend going super early, the bus loads of people start filling up the park around 9:30am. So if you want to take photos or just meditate with the tulips, I suggest getting there around 8am!

These pinhole photos are from Emirgan Park, a little north of the second bridge.

cimg0011 cimg0008 aimg0011 img0008 img0000

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Art Party!

My friend Jazmine and I started a group on called Istanbul Art Parties. We just threw our first party. In my apartment I exhibited my pinhole photos from China (my first exhibit in Istanbul), and Dilara exhibited a few paintings. Next door in Jazmine’s apartment you could grab a canvas or piece of paper and create your own masterpiece. We had paint, pastels, and chalk.

So many interesting artists, art lovers, musicians, writers, radicals, and philosophers showed up.

The party was wildly successful, but unfortunately I only took a few photos… I promise to take more next time. If you’re in Istanbul, sign up for our group, we have some exciting parties lined up!




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New Mosque pigeons during snowstorm

One super cold and snowy day in February I went on a 4 hour walk with my pinhole camera. I found myself in front of the New Mosque, mesmerized by the pigeons. The only people in the square was the man throwing buckets of pigeon food on top of the pigeons, a random man working at the mosque, and myself.

The icy wind bit at my face and my fingers, and I slipped in a mixture of pigeon poo and snow (so gross), but I left with these lovely pinhole photos!

New Mosque Pinhole aimg0009 aimg0002


The New Mosque (Yeni Cami), is located at the end of the Galata Bridge in Eminönü. It might be called the New Mosque, but the don’t the name fool you, construction was completed in 1665. After you feed the pigeons outside, do cover your head with a scarf and go inside. It’s super gorgeous!

simg0007 img0003 img0002